Mossy Oak Reclaimed Pine

Reclaimed is a term used to describe items that have already served a previous purpose.  Our reclaimed pine is at least 100 years old and boasts richly colored grain, saw marks, scuffs and nail holes.  The uniqueness and character of reclaimed wood is unmatched and almost impossible to reproduce.

Having been carefully harvested from cotton mills, storehouses and other historical structures that were fated for destruction, each piece tells a story of old Americana.  We have reclaimed the history of this wood by turning it into beautiful pieces of furniture that will live in homes for generations to come.

As you consider these facts, we invite you to join us in bringing a truly "green" product into your home today.


The Steel Forest Furniture Company is a licensed branding representative for Mossy Oak Nativ Living Collection. All products in this collection have been designed by the Steel Forest Furniture Company and are exclusive to Mossy Oak.

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