Ideas, Inspirations and Pure Flights of Fancy

Browsing through these photos of our work, you’ll quickly see that we do not make only furniture, but we do make only products that involve steel. The reasons are simple – it’s what we’re good at and we have a steady supply of it. But our customers love steel for other reasons:

  • It won’t dent, scratch, warp or discolor
  • It’s strong and can bear heavy loads
  • It’s heavy and stays in place

In other words, for furniture that is virtually indestructible and will last longer than the home you place it in, THINK STEEL.

Customers often want the furniture we make for them to maintain that rustic look of bare steel (we call it ‘elegant industrial’) because it’s flexible – it looks good in both historic homes and contemporary settings. For this kind of ‘finish’ we clean the steel and apply clearcoat to these otherwise ‘bare’ pieces.

For furniture that will be exposed to moisture or needs a specific color, we apply durable, top quality powdercoat paint to the steel.

We can apply a number of different tops to our tables, but the beauty  of all natural wood is hard to beat.  For a nearly endless supply of  superb solid wood tabletops, we work with Mississippi Farm Tables of Aberdeen, Mississippi.